About Bespoke Enterprises

First, what's up with the name? Bespoke – more commonly used in Britain, means custom-made. Bespoke Enterprises provide custom IT solutions to businesses large and small.

GroupWise Design

Our primary specialty is GroupWise design and implementation. Prior to founding Bespoke Enterprises, Jon Christensen, principal at Bespoke, worked for Novell, Inc. for over twenty years. He designed their internal networks, both local and wide-area, designed, implemented and managed their email systems, designed their data centers, managed the data/telecommunications departments and managed their help desk. For ten years as a consultant with Novell he designed and implemented highly available and highly reliable GroupWise systems for organizations of all sizes and across many enterprise types. The resulting systems reduced operating expenses, allowed the organizations to manage their systems with fewer employees and increased the reliability, manageability and scalability of the systems.


Through our partnership with Omni Technology Solutions, not only are we able to design and implement enterprise-class GroupWise systems, we can also integrate those systems with others, such as customer relationship management systems (CRM) and other databases.

Every GroupWise administrator has a list of unmet needs – the “it sure would be great if GroupWise could...” list. Omni's products allow GroupWise administrators to fill many of the requests their user community have asked for, but are not available out of the box in GroupWise. See the product pages for additional information.

Our Philosophy

The definition of a customer is "one that purchases a commodity or service." The definition of a client is "one that is under the protection of another." It is our goal that everyone with whom we work be a client, not just a customer. We want to look out for your best interests. That way we both win.

Please poke around our web site. Look at our service and product offerings. If you have a need that isn't addressed by our listed services and solutions, feel free to contact us. Bespoke Enterprises would love to develop a custom solution for your unique issues to save you time and precious human resources.





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